Introduction: Fun & Intense Kickboxing Plyo Workout

This intense full body kickboxing interval cardio workout uses 5 exercise combos to help you tone your upper, lower, and core all at the same time. The HIIT format combined with compound movements help you burn maximal calories in a short period of time. If you push your max during working intervals, then you can easily burn 10 calories or more per minute.

This workout uses 15 sec rest and 45 sec work interval format but if you are a beginner, then you can go with 30 sec rest and 30 sec work interval format. You can also go with 20 sec rest and 40 sec work or 10 sec rest and 50 sec work. The key is to choose the interval format that challenges you the most without going beyond your physical limit.

Below are the 5 exercise combos with times stamps (click the time and it takes you to the exercise):

Exercise 1: Jack + Uppercut, 1:19

Exercise 2: Squat Jump + Hooks, 2:15

Exercise 3: Speed Bags + Butt Kicks, 3:16

Exercise 4: High Plank Front + Side Punches, 4:17

Exercise 5: 2 Moving Jabs + 2 Tucks, 5:17

Bonus Workout Video Link Time Stamp: 6:23

Bonus Workout 1: Low Impact Chair Kickboxing

Bonus Workout 2: 15 min High Impact Body Weight HIIT Cardio

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