Functional Spiderman Mask From No Way Home With Moving Lens - Gold and Black Mini Version

Introduction: Functional Spiderman Mask From No Way Home With Moving Lens - Gold and Black Mini Version

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Hey Makers, Love to see you here again! In my previous instructable i made Miles Morales Mask with moving lenses, Since then in my YouTube video many asked me to make NO WAY HOME VERSION so i made Moving lens version of no way home which i will be sharing you in this instructable

Important thing here being my previous version was very big hence many could not make that, But this is small and can be made very easily.

I have given free templates for this project

Step 1: Supplies and Template

Download Free Template for this Project HERE , This template can be hand drawn of print in sheet of paper

Once you have your template you can gather these materials

  • Cover from your old book
  • Scissors
  • Paper glue
  • Black fabric paint
  • Tissue paper
  • white paper glue and paint brush
  • Some threads and gold paint
  • Black paper
  • Fish wire as alternative you can use plane thread

Step 2: Making Face Shell

It is good to call face shell instead of face mask, Hence i will be using this word hereafter!

Once you have template glue it on bind cover of your notebook and allow some time to dry

After you have your dry template, Cut along the mark using scissors

End of the step you will have Pieces that needs to be glued

3 pieces from one side will make half shell and rest 3 forms other half

Now we will see how to make half shell

Fold pieces as shown in images and later using hot glue couple them

Process is very simple and you will enjoy this step

After you have half of the shell do the same process for other half

Glue these halves to make it full!

Step 3: Hardening the Shell

The shell which we made will be fragile and wont be capable to handle minor shocks hence we need to harden it

To harden mix your normal white paper glue with water, Then cut stripes of tissue and apply all over the shell

End of the process you will have wet shell, Allow long hours to dry completely

Step 4: Working on the Shell

After your shell is dry it needs to be painted, use fabric paint or spray paint to get this job done

To make sides of the eyes for shell i traced inner measurements of eyes on plane sheet of paper

Do the same for other side eyes too

Cut the same on black piece of board or on thick black color paper

Glue it to the eye part, Meanwhile we can proceed with making golden lines

Step 5: Golden Lines to Shell

Spiderman mask is nothing without spider web, To make this i made use of gold paint that was painted on woolen thread

Use guiding lines that was pre drawn on shell that resembles spider on the shell

It consumes some of your time, But the way you do this determines overall looks at the end, Hence work with patience

Step 6: Adding Eyes

These work similar to the way as scissors does, One end is fixed other is free

So we make size measurements using white sheet, later when everything is perfect cut it on black sheet

Install it on inner shell, use toothpicks if necessary to make this firm inside shell

Step 7: Finishing

I made use of fish wire that is connect to lower lids of the eyes, if we do this blankly we need to close/open our eyes manually

Hence ELASTIC BAND is the life saver here! Cut bands and glue it to bottom eyelids while to the same glue fish wire also

To get the work done effectively we need string holders which is made by rolling paper tubes and cutting them

This was glued inside face shell as you can see in images

Step 8: Working

This works when you pull the fish wire

If you just pull the wire in downward direction eyes starts moving you can increase or decrease depending on how hard you pull!

For Working Video of this project consider checking HERE

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