Introduction: Fundamentals of Basketball Pt.3


Shooting is when you aim the basketball in a throw towards the hood, aiming to score points by having it land through it. Depending on where this shot is taken from, it can take different forms to shoot properly.

When to shoot:

  • When to make a Lay-up
    • When you are close to the basket and are able to try and score
  • When to make a Jump Shot
    • When you are more than 8 feet away from the basketball hoop and want to try and score a basket

Step 1: Lay-Up

1. Hold the basketball with two hands

2. Bring the basketball up to shoulder height

3. Leading with your right foot (if on the right side) take two steps

4. During the second step, in one motion push the basketball with your right hand (if on right side) up towards the top right corner of the box on the backboard

Step 2: Jump Shot

1. With your dominant hand, bring your elbow straight up from your side

2. Then, bring your hand straight up and make a 90 degree angle with your elbow so your hand is about eye level

3. Now put the ball in your dominant hand

4. In one motion, push the ball up towards the hoop by extending your arm and flicking your wrist