Introduction: Funko Mystery Mini Case Pencil Organizer

Hello and welcome to my instructions for a Funko Mystery Mini Case Pencil Organizer! I hope that the following pictures and images are able to help you make a truly awesome work of handmade craft.

What you will need

-Funko mystery mini case

-10 mystery mini boxes(empty)


-Black construction paper

Step 1: Step 1:Flatten Out the Boxes

First cut off the top boxes( the part that has neither a character or the chances) and the bottom.

Next separate an edge using scissors

Then tape it to another flattened box (so that neither side show cardboard)

Last tape the edges together,forming a cube

repeat this step 3 times

Step 2: Step 2:make the Bottom Look Black

First place a piece of paper to the bottom of the paper

Next fold in the parts that do not fit into the box

Then turn the piece of paper over so that the folds are invisible

Lasttape them together(paper to case)

Step 3: Step 3:make the Tower

Repeat step 1 twice so that you have 2 cubes

Next Tape the 2 cubes on top of each other

Step 4: Step 4:Assembly

I would recommend that you assemble your pencil organizer as I have,but any combination is possible and feel free to experiment

What you do find the combo you like attach the bottom of the case to the sides of each cube.

Then your pencil organizer is complete!