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Ever since 7th grade I have been making duct tape backpacks because of a tragic incident where I lost my calculater out of the hole in the bottom of my normal backpack. This was the backpack that I used this year for school and for out in the woods when I was camping because it holds all of my gear and the things inside will be perfectly safe. I was always mad about the frame falling, so I welded a thin rebar frame. I love using duct tape because it is about 110% waterproof and never rips or tears. I tried my best to not leave it one solid color so I added the frames and the CK for my initials. I made the frame so it would fit perfectly in my locker. I got tons of compliments by teachers and other students, and I am known as the "duct tape guy" in my school. A title I am willing to accept.

Stuff You'll Need
4- 18in pieces of 1/2 in rebar                                      
4- 7in pieces of 1/2 in rebar
4- 12in pieces of 1/2 in rebar
a welder
a pair of welding gloves                unless your okey with third degree burns
a welding mask                               if you enjoy the gift of sight
2 rolls of duct tape                          I know I way over-taped it so I'm sure you could only use one
2- 36in strands of 2in rope
1- afternoon

STEP 1: Start it by welding a rectangular box out of the rebar.

STEP 2: Once you have that,

STEP 3: Cover the frame in duct tape.
               I found it easy to start with the bottom and work to the top going vertically

STEP 4: For the opening flap you need to choose a side that will face your back. From there you bring the tape up and over on to the                     front side a few inches. Continue doing this untill the back is covered and it covers the front side. From there, take the tape                       and put it over on the sides the same length the front side has

STEP 5: Cover the inside with the tape so it is not sticky. Continue doing this untill the whole inside is covered.

STEP 6: WAZAM! You got an awesome backpack that everyone will love  

STEP 7: (Optional) To make details you need to make a large square the size of the front or sides, and using a box cutter cut out the                     shape you want. I used hot rod flames because nothing beats the classics

Sorry it looks pretty rugged. It has gone an entire year of carrying text books, folders, and other things. It used to look look pretty nice.

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