Introduction: Funky Spiders

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Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year! It's great to decorate the house with different ornaments, all kids love this! This spiders are great to hang around the house and your kids can help to make them!

Step 1: Materials


Glue gun

Movile eyes (2 for each spider)

2 pipe cleaners per spider

1 pom pom per spider



Step 2: Spider Legs

Fold each pipe cleaner in half and cut them.

Line them up in your fingers and you will have 4 pieces.

Twist the 4 pieces together from the middle and separate each part. You will now have 8 spider legs.

Step 3: Spider Body

Put some glue in a pom pom and place it in on top of the legs.

Step 4: Crazy Eyes

Glue the eyes to the pom pom by putting just one little drop of glue and the mobile eyes.

Step 5: Shape the Legs

Use your fingers to curve each leg as shown in the picture.

Step 6: Thread

Put the thread on the needle and make a knot. Pass the needle in the higher part of the spider's body and pull it half way. Pass the needle between the two threads to secure it and make a knot.

Cut the thread depending on the height you want your spider to hang down.

Step 7: Hang Them

Use some scotch tape to hang the spiders from different places. I put them in a lamp and they looked great. They move around a lot and that adds funk to them.

Happy Halloween!

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