Funny Box for Written Stories

Introduction: Funny Box for Written Stories

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Well then!

This little thing - my own invention - is a way to give your own written stories, to your friends or family in a fun way!

My dad really loves reading what I´ve written, so I decided to give him this.

"What is that?" you might think to yourself, squeezing your eyes at the picture - let me spare you the struggles and just tell you ;)


- toilet rolls (without the toilet paper around it)

- lots of tape

- your own stories

- patience!

Now! What you should do:

For every story (assuming that your stories are writing on a computer and printed in A4 size) you´ll need to paper rolls. Tape the two rolls together, put your story inside and write a headline, on the line, telling a bit about the story.

When you´ve got all your stories inside the toilet rolls, then you´ll have to tape them together, so they make one box.

I did it in two layers, otherwise you´ll cover for the headlines somehow. This is where you´ll need patience. The rolls may not be very easy to handel, as they are a bit fragile. But with enough tape and patience, you´ll get there ;)

Any questions? Leave it in the comments and I´ll reply ASAP :)

Good luck!

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