Introduction: Futon Plant Stand

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I have two new Jack Russell terrors, and yes I mean terrors, not terriers. They are the most destructive dogs I have ever had but we love them anyway. This repurposed futon was the result of another one of their destructive moments.

This corner of my garden has always been a problem due to mine and our neighbour’s large tree. They were so big and gave off so much shade, not even the grass would grow. This year they cut their tree back because it had gotten so big it blocked all the sun from both our gardens. With the tree gone I thought I would try and tidy it up a bit and thanks to my terrors, they supplied me with a solution.

Step 1: Find a Frame

I came home from work one day to find my naughty dogs had destroyed the cushion on my outdoor futon. Instead of taking it to the landfill, I wanted to find a new use for it. A plant stand in my garden seemed like a good idea.

Step 2: Taking the Frame Apart

My first idea was to just put it on its side in the corner, but because of the arms, it kept tipping over. I thought it would look nice with plants hanging down from them too. In hindsight, I should have just dug a hole and buried the bottom side in the ground. This would have made it more stable.

Step 3: Install the Futon Frame

To make it more stable and lighter I removed the arms and the support beams and stood it upright in the corner. Next, I drilled a couple of holes in the fence and used thick cable ties to secure the futon to the fence. This will prevent the futon from tipping over once the pot and plants are added.

Step 4: Add Hanging Planters

I bought some hanging pots from my local budget store and spray painted them black to blend in with the plant stand. Succulents don’t like too much water so I drilled a hole in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Step 5: Add Plants

Next, you can add some stones to the bottom for drainage before you add your soil and plants. You can move the plant pots around until you are happy with how it looks.

Step 6:

I felt mine looked a bit boring, so I added a metal gecko and put my bird feeder planter in the middle. This was a quick and easy project to do and I did not have the hassle of carting the futon to the tip.

Step 7: More DIY Projects

Step 8:

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