Introduction: GBA Classic to USB

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Hello everyone,

This is my first instructable. it is a simple method to change a 2 battery (1,5v) gameboy advance classic to use USB instead.


this is a no warranty instructable and i done this knowing that i could have burned the gameboy.

What you will need:

Soldering iron;

Soldering wire

3 diodes 1n4007;

USB cable;


its is simple to make its just soldering exactly like the last diagram shows.

5v USB ------------>|-->|--->|---- +Battery Gameboy

GND USB ------------------------- -- Battery Gameboy

This will convert the 5v usb to ~2.9v.

I tested playing with a few cartridges i have and so far: no resets happened, no smoke coming from the inside, no heat problems.

unfurtunely i dont have the internal photos 'cause i closed the back before i could take photos and right now the gameboy is with my cousin.

Thanks for reading,