Introduction: GOTG Star Lord Costume

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Ok so i was looking back at my instructables cringing at everything when I saw my star lord blasters. These weren't the ones like the movie versions but at the very end it was a drawing of my plans for the movie version props! I just wanted to compare what was 2 years of props before and now. Trust me little crystal did not expect this to come out of all of that! I hope you enjoy this and maybe even make one of your own :)

Step 1: Starlords Helmet

Made with:
Paper plates, free
Milk jug, free
Bottle caps, free
Cardboard, free
Straws, free
Plastic tube, already had
Flat Black spray paint, already had but 99 cents
Grey primer $3
Gold spray paint, already had
Silver spray paint $3
Hot glue/hot glue gun

Start with the face part and keep building off of it. Make sure to measure your face first to make the proportions correct. I regret not making the eyes part bigger but I didn't have enough room.

Start with the primer and paint from your reference pictures. I used a cotton swab and dry brushed it on to the edges to make it look metallic and worn out.

Brush on a few layers of mod podge to seal it. I used glossy because that's all I had.

Step 2: Quad Blasters

Made with:
A toy gun $1
Water gun $1
Cardboard, free
Foam sheet , 99 cents
Clay $5 but on sale so $3 (1 clay would cover both guns)
Same spray paint as the helmet
*this will make one gun*

I made the bump things out of cereal cardboard and the handle I measured out how big my hand was and drew it out. For the gun parts I put foam on top of it for a smoother finish. Make it one piece by adding the clay and sanding it down.
It's not a replica of the blasters but it was close and it still looks pretty ligit.

Use reference pictures to get your ideal look.

Use mod podge to seal it. I bought new mod podge but I used matte.

Step 3: Infinity Stone

Made with:
Hollow plastic baseball (came in sets of 3 incase you mess up) $1
Exacto knife, already had but $1
Cardboard free
Leftover foam scraps
Air dry Clay, I had to buy more because I used it all in the blasters
Strong craft magnets $4
Silver spray paint
Black spray paint
Hot glue sticks

At first I didn't know how to attack this hole thing going on here, I tried clay but I gave up after a while. I decided to draw on the design with sharpie and filling it in with hot glue.

Cut the baseball in half and trace the half onto paper. Make a donut shape and add some fillers underneath it. Shape the foam into a basket and hot glue it in the hole. Make above for the magnets and align both sides together, making sure they connect and aren't opposites (trust me I made that mistake....). Add clay to all of the baseball. Once dried draw on the sharpie designs and fill with hot glue. Super glue the magnets in and it should close.

Painting: spray paint the whole thing black. Add the silver with a cotton swap. It's ok if it doesn't look perfect, I mean it's a stone!
Use mod podge to seal it.

The stone
Make with:
A rock that fits inside the orb you just made
Hot glue gun and sticks
Purple sharpie or paint

I thought of many ideas how to do this and they all seemed to fail on me. My final ideA was to wrap tinfoil around my rock (it had bumps for texture) and melt in the hot glue stick with the hot glue gun. Add more if needed. Color in with purple sharpie or paint (I wanted mine to be sort of transparent), I dry brushed my rock with purple paint to show the hot glue more to try to make it look clear sort of . It was easy and I like how it turned out. Cover in mod podge to seal. And your done with the infinity stone!

Step 4: Quad Blasters Holster

What you need:
Cardboard free
2 brown foam sheets 99 cents each
Black spray paint (already had)
Fabric (already had)
A big brown belt (if you don't have a brown one just spray paint that brown)
2 brown dog collars $1 each
A hanger thing/ 2 hooks (price varies, mine was $1)
Zip ties (already had)

Building it:
I started by taking out the jewel beads from the dog collars. Then I spray painted the big belt brown. Next I traced my blaster and sketched a picture of my main base for the holster. Cut it out and trace on cardboard. I cut the rims of it and glued the rims on the fabric. I overlapped the fabric and turned it around for the main black piece. You will need 2 of these.
Spray paint both of them black. Get your hanger hook thing. One of the hooks wasn't big enough to hold it, so I used a lighter to melt it slightly and bend I into the shape i want. Spray those black too. I added little detail things and spray painted those black to. Take your pattern piece and draw some columns. Label and cut them out. Trace on the foam, cut it out and label it. After all dried glue the foam pieces on order and attach the hook. Use the zipties to attach the top of the holster to the big belt. I cut the dog collars in half cause they couldn't fit around my thighs #fatthighs. And glued the ends to the holster piece. Now you're all done!

Step 5: Extras!

I bought a starlord Sony Walkman case for my phone so I'll be using that, but an alternative is either using a real Walkman and painting or a small a cardboard box and painting it like that. I also downloaded all the songs from the sound track so I'm prepared!

walkman case

I had these old Sony headphones that no one used so I painted the pads orange. I only painted the rims and not the center because I wanted to hear the music. If you don't have any headphones you can look at your local thrift shop, online, or even at the dollar tree (I found them in the technology aisle and I didn't think they would have it).

I didn't make any rocket boots cuz it's just a costume but I'm assuming just get mini glue sticks and some craft foam and cardboard and paint it.

The belt buckle I made out of cardboard base and drew a pattern on paper. I made the rectangle things out of foam and the lines are hot glue. I spray painted it silver and added a bit of black paint to give it a worn look. Then I sealed it with mod podge. I glued a Bobby pin to the back do I can attach it to the belt.

Step 6: The Jacket

I bought 2 jackets one leather one rain jacket. Ultimately I used the rain jacket because it was already maroon. But you could also buy a leather jacket and dye it red. The rain jacket was $7 am the leather jacket was $5. Great price right?! Make sure you look around a lot and wash your jackets that you buy

Step 7: Put Your Whole Costume On!

Now that you have all the accessories it's time to put on your whole costume!

- dark blue shirt (I used my Star Wars shirt and turned it inside out) or a grey shirt
-black pants
-the jacket
- boots(I found some at goodwill but decided to just go with my regular shoes)
Everything you made

This isn't the whole costume but you get the jist of it. For Halloween I'm planning to add a brown bag to carry around my candy and the orb.