GPS Clock With TFT and Arduino

Introduction: GPS Clock With TFT and Arduino

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We all are very familiar with Clocks like: Digital Clock. And many hobbyist made this many time using microcontrollers. Today I am going to demonstrate a GPS Clock using Arduino. In which I will show GPS Time on the 2.4 inch TFT LCD.

Step 1: Description:


Here I have drawn a table which contain RMC string format. It will help to write code to extract date and time. By counting the comma we can extract exact location of time and date from the RMC GPS string.

$GPRMC, 161229.487, A, 2816.1265, N, 07754.7343, W, 1.12, 180.5, 270316, ,A,*74

Step 2: GPS Data When No Range in GPS Receiver

Step 3: GPS Data When GPS Receiver Is in Range


the serial Monitor we can see some strings that are starts from $ sign. Like





Above strings are contains GPS parameters like: Time, Date, Longitude, Latitude, speed, no. of satellites in used, angle and many other things.

For Date and time we can use $GPRMC string.

Step 4: Circuit

Circuit of this project is very simple because of using Arduino TFT shield. We need to place TFT shield over Arduino and connect vcc, gnd and rx pin to gps vcc, gnd and tx pins

Step 5: Programming

Programming part is little complex of this project. In this first off all we read desired GPS string.

Step 6: Extracting Time and Date


by finding comma technique we stores time and date UTC strings

Step 7: Converting Time to Decimal and Update

After it we need to convert string time date into decimal format and update time according to our location. I am from India so I used 5:30 hour addition in the UTC time to get Indian standard time.

Step 8: Display Time and Date

Step 9: Header File and Pin Assignment for TFT

Step 10: Video

Step 11:

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