Who doesn't like ice? When the weather is sunny, ice milk is certainly refreshing and can restore the enthusiasm of all family members or those who drink it. However, the creation of chocolate and white milk drinks that alone will surely bore you.

You need variety and creations so you don't get bored of drinking the same chocolate and white milk. Let's try the recipe for chocolate and white milk drinks mixed with greentea flavor

Step 1: Material

1. White milk

2. Chocolatos (chocolate)

3. Chocolatos (greentea)

4. Ice cube

5. Hot water

Step 2: How to Make

1. Open chocolatos (chocolate), chocolatos (green tea), and white milk in each glass

2. Dissolve white milk with cold water

3. Chocolatos (chocolate & greentea) with hot water

4. Prepare ice cubes in a glass. Can also be given a brown decoration on the edge of the glass.

5. Pour in sequence, starting with white milk, chocolatos chocolate, chocolatos greentea.

6. Ready to drink