Garden Bed’s

Introduction: Garden Bed’s

My name is Jasmin I’m 14 and My family loves being out in nature and my mom loves to garden but she didn’t quite have the right place to do it. So my father and I came up with a simple design that accounted for all that my mother wanted, and still had a neat design

These garden beds are two feet deep 4 feet wide and 8 feet long this provides plenty of room for different plants but also enough room for the roots to spread out and the plant to keep growing.


64 cubic feet of dirt
1- 8 foot 4x4
7- 2x4
3- sheets of metal 2x8
2 - 8 foot 2x2
3- 10 foot 2x6
Screws that are 2 and half inches long
Your choice of stain

Step 1:

First step is cut a 8 foot 4x4 into four equal pieces

Step 2:

You take two 2x4’s and and screw them to the top and the bottom of 2 of the quartered pieces of 8 foot 4x4 and do that two times so that you have two of them.

Step 3:

The third step is to take a 8 foot 2x4 cut it into two 4 foot long pieces and screw it to the top and bottom of the quartered 8 foot 4x4 to creat your base shape for your garden bed

Step 4:

The next step is to take an 8 foot 2x2 and cut it to fit in between the 2x4’s in the corners this is to help keep the metal from bending and letting the dirt out the corners

Step 5:

Now you are going to take a 2x4 and messer and cut it to fit in the middle of the top and bottom pieces of your frame and place it in the middle of the longer sides of your current shape.

Step 6:

Now for the top you will take a 8 foot 2x6 and place it on top it does have an overhang but it’s a good place to set things down while gardening you my cut the end pieces into a point like we did or a simpler way is to just keep a flat edge instead of trying to cut the angles just right to make them fit.

Step 7:

This is optional but you could put pieces of wood in the bottom and corners to help hold the bed down and to make sure dirt doesn’t come out the bottom

Step 8:

The next step for us was to stain but this is up to you if you would like to stain your wood or not.

Step 9:

One of the last steps is to put the metal in you will want to do this from the inside and locate the middle pieces to also screw it to but also screw it to the top and bottom and edges. For the shorter sides of the bed you will have to cut the metal to fit.

Step 10: Final Step

Then add your preferred dirt and get to planting.

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    2 days ago

    I think those are the ones I will build!
    Thank you so much for the instructable!


    5 days ago

    These are good looking raised beds!


    5 days ago

    Love the look of them! Thank you for sharing! Are the sheets of metal finished in a way that won't corrode?


    11 days ago

    Those are beautiful! Thanks for the great instructable :D