Introduction: Garlic Sauteed Zucchini With Mozzarella

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Zucchini is a wonderful fruit! That's right: as a squash, it's a fruit, not a vegetable, although we eat it as a vegetable dish, typically.

You can eat it raw like a cucumber, or prepared any number of ways, from steamed to baked to fried. My very favorite way to enjoy it is lightly sauteed in garlic and olive oil, and topped with mozzarella cheese. It's easy,healthy and absolutely delicious!

Step 1: Ingredients

You'll need:

  • Some zucchini
  • Olive oil
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Shredded mozzarella
  • seasoning of choice - I just use a little Mrs. Dash but salt and pepper or nothing at all is fine as well!

Step 2: Mince Garlic

Chop your garlic clove up finely.

Step 3: Wash and Slice Zucchini

Wash your zucchini well, and then slice it thinly lengthwise. You can peel your zucchini but it's better with the skin on for a few reasons. Zucchini, like a cucumber, is mostly water, so the skin is a more concentrated source of nutrients like vitamin C and potassium, as well vitamin K. The skin also provides fiber, and antioxidant carotenoids, including lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene. (Livestrong)

Step 4: Sautee Garlic

Pour about three or four tablespoons of olive oil into your pan, then sautee your garlic lightly.

Step 5: Sautee Zucchini

Add about half your sliced zucchini to the pan with the olive oil and garlic, season lightly as desired.and cook over medium heat. Lightly stir and turn your zucchini until it starts to turn a light golden color and becomes just tender enough to bend slightly over your spatula - - just a couple or three minutes at most.

The zucchini should be just tender enough cut with the spatula, but if you let it go too long it'll turn to mush.

Step 6: Top With Mozzarella

Place your first batch of sauteed zucchini in a baking dish, top with your cheese and cover the dish. The mozzarella will do its work while you cook up the second half of your zucchini. Leave the baking dish on top of the stove while you cook up the rest of your squash.

Step 7: Cook 2nd Half of Zucchini

Cook the second half of your zucchini the same way you did the first batch. You can add more garlic to your pan if you'd like, but there's really no need unless you're really into garlic.

Step 8: Add Next Layer of Zucchini

When you uncover your baking dish you'll see that the shredded mozzarella will have melted deliciously over your first batch of zucchini. Add the rest of the cooked zucchini over that, top with more cheese, then cover again. Just leave it on top of the warm stove until you're ready to plate up.

Step 9: Plate and Serve!

Pair up your garlic sauteed zucchini with baked or grilled chicken, or with pasta or steak or burgers or with an awesome Carolina Style BBQ Hoagie, or just about anything! It's a fragrant, delicious dish that complements any meal.


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