Geo Cache Match Container

Introduction: Geo Cache Match Container

A great way to be prepared is not only having things you need on your body at all times but also having stock of items such as matches. Today ill show you how i made a quick little match/ fire making container.
Thanks hope you enjoy

Materials needed:
Match striker or VERY fine sand paper
Small container
2 birthday candles
Fire starter of your choice
Camo tape/spray paint

Step 1: Find the Right Container

This very well might be the hardest part. First you'll need to think what is large enough for regular matches and fire starters,but not to big

I used a 2" tall cylindrical container with a diameter of about 1" but anything close will do fine (lighter for size comparison)

I found this one in my moms arts an craft drawer it had some plastic bits an bobs i removed them and "borrowed" the little container. Another similar one i picked up at my local Dollar Tree it was marked down as pill container but i found it to work even better as a mini geo cache.

Step 2: The Matches

If your container isn't completely water proof like mine its smart to use some water proof matches. Now these wont burn under water or anything like that but they aren't as effected by moisture as much as regular ones. I got them at walmart; 6 packs of 40 matches for about 2.50.
If you find your matches are abit long or maybe very long for your container just take a pair of scissors or wire cutters an cut them appropriately to your container. DONT CUT OFF TOO MUCH. Remember you need to hold them with your fingers!

Step 3: Striker and Extras

Preferably use the striker with the same matches that came in the container. Again cut it so it'll fit in the container unless it already does.

Secondly i advise you to add some extra bits to maintain a flame or even start your fire. I added a small part of a tinder stick which is like ground up paper an wood impregnated in wax. Also 2 small birthday candles and then a small tuft of cotton ball to top it off. See what else you can fit to improve the probability of making fire

Step 4: Pack 'Em in and Your Done!

Make sure everything fits and put them in.

An additional step is either adding some type of spray paint or tape to camouflage it and make it look cooler

This is my first Instructable so tell me what you think

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    7 years ago

    It isn't exactly geocaching though is it?

    Nice little bundle of useful things! The camouflaging does make it look very neat! Thanks for sharing!