Germinating Clivia's in Decomposable Container

Introduction: Germinating Clivia's in Decomposable Container

What you need.

1. Somthing to stand your toilet rolls in and keep some water.

2. A funnel to pour soil into your toilet rolls.

3. Empty toilet rolls.

4. Some well composted soil.

5. Fresh clivia seeds

Step 1: Preparing Decomposable Containers

Place your empty toilet rolls and place them in your container.

Take your soil and fill the toilet rolls using your funnel.

Step 2: Preparing the Seeds

Harvest seeds from your Clivia's.

Remove the outer shell and discard.

Carefully remove membrane covering the seed.

Step 3: Planting the Seeds

Plant the seed halfway in the soil.

Optional: Cover with Pete moss to keep them moist.

Now al you need to do is keep them moist and warm until they germinate. Do not plant them in the sun.

As soon as they germinated you can plant them with the toilet roll in the desired location, as the toilet roll will decompose and create compost for your seedling.

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