Introduction: Gesture Controlled Robot - Spinel Crux

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Spinel Crux

A Gesture Controlled Robot for Wireless Surveillance Project. In this series, we will build a robot which can travel through rough terrain and control using hand gestures.

To drive the robot we will be using a control glove, which will have an accelerometer and a flex sensor to control the status and the direction it should move. The flex sensor activates the Spinel Crux and the tilt of the accelerator determines the direction it should move.

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Step 1: Gesture Controlled Robot - Spinel Crux - Components Used

Components Used

First, we will take a look at the components.

  1. Gloves
  2. Accelerometer
  3. Flex sensor
  4. Any Arduino Board with Wi-Fi connectivity
  5. Robot chassis
  6. L293D motor driver
  7. Raspberry Pi or another Arduino ( for controlling the robot)
  8. Breadboard
  9. Resistor

Step 2: Gesture Controlled Robot - Spinel Crux - Robot Chassis

Robot Chassis – DIY Smart Robot Tank Chassis Kit

The chassis I used for making this Gesture Controlled Robot is an awesome cool looking kit. I got this kit Not only this one, they have so many types of robot frames, motors and almost all the sensors for doing arduino, raspberry pi and other electronics and hobby projects.

You will get all these things for a cheap price with really fast and quality shipping.

And the great thing about this kit is they provide all the tools you need to assemble the frame together.

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Step 3: Gesture Controlled Robot - Spinel Crux - Robot Chassis

The first thing to do is set up the chassis. Let us take a closer
look at the RC Tank kit. There are mainly 4 plates in this kit and all are made of aluminum alloy. There are two wheel mounting plate where we connect the driving wheels, the non-driving wheels and the DC motor. This DC motor is connected to the driving wheels using a metal coupler and the driving wheel is connected to the nondriving wheels using these tracks.

There is a bottom plate that connects the mounting plate where you can conveniently load your battery or motor driver. The top plate acts as the roof and gives this rover an awesome look. There is plenty of space on the plates and lots of mounting points where you can screw down and fix your microcontroller, sensors or actuators without modification. Check out the below video to start assembling

DIY Smart Robot Tank Chassis Kit Assembling

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Step 4: Gesture Controlled Robot - Spinel Crux - Complete Tutorial and Codes

We use Raspberry Pi and Arduino to create our Gesture Controlled Robot. Arduino to make the control glove, which will detect the hand gestures and send the data to Spinel Crux via WiFi.

We use a Raspberry Pi to make the Robot, which will receive the data sent from the Arduino, process them and control the bot.

Tutorial on building the Gesture Controlled Robot using Arduino and Raspberry Pi is available in RootSaid YouTube Channel as well as our website. So make sure you SUBSCRIBE this channel by clicking this subscribe YouTube button below for future videos.

We will now head over to the tutorial section and will start building it. For your convenience, I will be dividing this post into two parts. In the first part, I will show you how to make the controlling glove and in the second part, I will show you how to build the robot.

Follow this Linkfor Complete Tutorial, Demo, Codes and Schematics.

Complete Tutorial -

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