Get Ready Station

Introduction: Get Ready Station

I created a headboard from used doors and had portions of the doors leftover. I used part of one of the doors along with leftover trim, some random drawer pulls, a small shelf, and some paint to create a "Get Ready Station" where I hang my jewelry and keep my perfume and have my things organized so getting ready for work is a little easier in the mornings. I realize my white paint job is not perfect. I never worried about that since it was fine with me if it had kind of a vintage look. You could make something like this with a different type of trim and make it a more modern look.

Step 1: Use Leftover Materials and Add a Few New Things

Materials I used for this project:

  • 1/3 of a door used in another project
  • leftover trim from another project
  • random drawer pulls purchased at a hobby store
  • random hooks purchased at a hobby store
  • small shelf
  • top from a small broken wooden box - now used as a shelf
  • paint left over from other projects
  • wood glue
  • drill to drill holes for drawer pulls
  • screws and a drill to attach the shelves and the hooks.
  • Wire stretched between two screws used to hang it with

I think you could create something similar to his project with any leftover wood, trim, handles, pulls, and paint you may have handy.

Step 2: Putting It All Together

I started with the 1/3 section of a door leftover from my headboard project.

I then found 4 different pieces of trim I had leftover in my workshop. I cut one long piece of the more decorative trim in 2 for top and bottom. I stacked the trim pieces on the top and bottom of the door to create the design I wanted. I used wood glue to secure the pieces. Then I painted all of it white. I had some copper paint and I painted the trim with that. I drilled holes in the door at random places and pushed the drawer pulls through. Next, the two shelves were attached. Finally I stretched wire across the back and used screws to secure it. I hung it on the wall and began to organize my jewelry, perfume, accessories, or whatever I needed each week for the coming week so that getting ready was a little easier in the mornings. This project was very easy and it has proven to be very useful since I really do use it every day. I have the bad habit of also hanging clothes on hangers from it too so my outfits are ready for the next day. I didn't include that picture since it looks messy. :)

The project that made me think of this one was my headboard so I included a picture of that too. You can see that is where I got the door portion from.

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    7 years ago

    This is a really creative idea,I like the vintage look it gives it a valuable look! AWESOME instructables