Introduction: NIL



Step 1: Gather the Components

As for any of the hardware projects we also should gather the components which are inevitable to complete our projects. A brief list of components needed for this project are mentioned below

1 . Arduino Uno

2. HCRS04 Ultrasonic sensor

3. LED Matrix

4. 10k Potentiometer

5. Jumper Wires


7.High-Watt 9v Battery


1.Soldering Iron

Step 2: The Brain

In various steps of our project we have evolved the brain of the project according to the needs. We enclose the list and role of various components of the brain

1. Arduino Uno : It is a micro controller and in this project it is the dental processing unit which processes the input values and analyses the workout

2. HCRS04 Ultrasonic Sensor : It is the input part of the device which detects and counts your exercises and sends the data to the processing unit

3.LED Matrix : It is the output part of the device which receives the data from processing unit and displays count and analysis result.

4. Potentiometer : It the input part of the device which is used to shift between the modes of the device.

The components are soldered to form a circuit which acts as the brain of the device as per the given schematics.

For powering the brain,the presence of high-watt 9v battery is confirmed.

Step 3: The Code

The code is developed in C language and hence it can be easily customised by a programmer. Directly download the code from here and upload it.

Step 4: The Enclosure

Now all we want to do is to make a compatible frame to enclose the brain and give the device a beautiful outlook. The frame is made up of different parts cut out from an acrylic sheet by laser cutting .The parts are glued to form a compatible frame and in which the brain is placed carefully inside. The enclosure consist of a knob which has a pointer which point towards different modes.All parts are glued carefully and finally the device is made into existence.

Step 5: User's Manual

There are mainly two types of users who can interact with the device.

1. Common User

A common user can interact with the device even if he is ignorant of the code working inside.There are 4 modes of interaction for a common user.
All modes work in same manner.Just turn the knob and point towards the mode.Just place the device beneath your body and start workout and it will start counting.At last put in analyse mode to analyse your workout

(1) Push Up counter: Mode 1

(2) Pull Up Counter : Mode 2

(3) Sit Up Counter: Mode 3

(4) Workout Analyser : Mode 4

2 . Programmer Mode

A programmer can interact with the device by customising the code.The device is programmed in C language and can be easily customised by editing the code.

Step 6: Get Fit

Now our project is ready to go. Get set and enjoy your workout with GetFit

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