Introduction: Getting a Vehicle Unstuck in the Winter

First things, first, you need a stuck vehicle. These are really easy to procure. If you can't create your own, find an overconfident friend.

The best reason to get a vehicle unstuck, is so that it can function like a vehicle as opposed to a road obstacle.

Step 1: Call Friends

Once you have a stuck vehicle. You must obtain friends. They can be acquired over cell phone. Thats assuming you're not too far out in the bush.

Step 2: Removing the Snow From Under the Vehicle

If you're stuck in the wintertime, its because you're high centred, or you have no traction. Often its both.

In this particular case, the vehicle was high-centred. This means that the wheels did not have much traction because the weight of the vehicle is being transferred to the ground through the frame.

So. If you establish that your problem is a high-centred, you need to change that.

To solve this, remove as much snow and ice as you can. Do this by using any utensils you have, shovels, windshield scrapers, trees, and your legs. Remove as much snow as ice from under the vehicle.

Step 3: Get Your Friends Out From Under the Vehicle

Now that you have the vehicle un-high centred. You must have your friends get out from underneath. You can do this by yelling at them to move. It can also be helpful to just start the vehicle and rev the engine. That usually scares people away.

Step 4: Drive Away Victoriously

Now that you're not high centred, you're good to go. Put that baby in reverse and back out of the mess you got yourself in.