Getting Money From Doing the One Thing You Love Most

Introduction: Getting Money From Doing the One Thing You Love Most

hello everyone. Im here once again to give you yet another instructable on how to get free money online. With my other instructable on bing rewards I finally got sick and tired of searching a million sites everyday to get my points which I did make quite a few bucks from doing but it was super boring so I decided to try and find another way that was easy, safe, legit, and fun. thus I began my search and found a few potential sites but after signing up for each of them I can to conclude that the site I found is the number one way to make money online.

Step 1: Follow My Link to Get to the Site

ok so the video I put in basically tells you all about the site. The site that I found to be the best, safest, and legit was not only do you not have to do any surveys, watch boring ads or videos, search the web, or any other junk like that but you get paid by doing the one thing you love to do.Shop! you basically get cash back like what some credit card companies do when you buy stuff using their credit card. its the same thing except this website pays you for clicking on the website link from their site and then you buy the stuff from the actual site that you clicked on. so now whenever I buy stuff online I just go to ebates and type in the store like Walmart or whatever then see what coupons or deals they have(which by the way ebates has all the coupons on their site so you don't need to go searching the web only to find a million coupon codes that don't work)then you just click the shop now button. also they give out referral bonuses which is why I would appreciate it a lot if you use my link to sign up. i would appreciate it!!!!thanks

Step 2: Sign Up

ok so after you hopefully clicked on my link youll be on the ebates website. when I first signed up they actually had a promotion going on where when I spend my first 25$ I get a 10 gift card to Walmart or a store of my choice so that was really cool from the start. but any way once on the sight just find the sign up box and fill it out.(this takes about 10 seconds) also I liked how they didn't need any info from you at all unlike other sites that want your whole life story. all youll ever need to fill out with ebates is your email,name, paypal if that's the way you want to be paid, or your address if you want the money sent in the mail.

Step 3: Start Shopping!!!!

after you've signed up you can start to shop away and get cash back. all you do is type in the store you want to by from then hit enter and they give you all the current deals and coupons for that store. then you click the start shopping link and start shopping.

Step 4: Get Paid

After you've earned enough(and hopefully spent that 25$ to get your own 10$ gift card ) you will either be sent payment for all the cashback you've earned( which you can check by clicking your account then clicking cash back activity) by paypay or by mail.i believe they send out all your money you've earned every like 2 or 3 months. that way you get a nice big payment hopefully. I hope you found this instructable usefull and I hope you start racking in the money soon. please use my link if you didn't do so yet and have a GREAT day!!!!

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