Introduction: Giant Ice Lollies

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This is a really simple and fun summer project. Giant Ice Lollies!

The making part only takes about 15min, but they will need to freeze for about 24 hours

You can watch how to make them:

You will need:

-a 2L bottle (this can be an unopened bottle or an empty one that you can fill it with your favourite squash or juice) we tried Diet Coke, Fanta and Cherry Cola

- a wooden stick (we cut up this broom handle )

-A Stanley Knife

- A Glass

- A Chest Freezer


- 2L Bottle

-Wooden Stick

-Craft Knife

- Access to a Freezer

- A Glass (optional)

Step 1: Prep Your Bottle

Pour out a glass of your drink so that you have enough room to insert the stick

Step 2: Cut Off the Lid

Using the craft knife carefully cut off the lid of the bottle

Step 3: Insert Your Lollipop Stick

Insert the stick in, if your are using a fizzy drink do this VERY SLOWLY.

Step 4: Freezer Time!

Put your drink and stick in a upright freeze- we froze ours for 24 hours

Step 5: Release Your Lolly

Using the craft knife cut your lollipop out of the plastic bottle and TaDa! A Giant Ice Lolly!

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