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Introduction: Giant Paper Flower Wall Decor

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I have a very simple tutorial to make a modern giant paper flowers.

You don't need fancy tools or paper.

The tutorial is long to read but it quick to make. I spend 3 evenings making 7 flowers.

If you have any questions i will gladly answer them!

Step 1: ​Here Is What You Need:

65lb 8,5x11in Paper, any size will work as you will create your own template depends on the size

printer paper to draw your template



any cardboard to use as a base

something round(plate) to make a base

hot glue gun and sticks

masking tape to stick your flowers to the wall

Step 2: Templates

For the flowers you will need 3 different sizes of the petals.

Draw petals on the printer paper. Don't forget to mark the middle at the bottom.

For very big flowers make the length of the petal equal to the length of your paper. To save more paper and make lots of petals make sure your middle petal is no more then a half of your paper and you can use another half for the small petals.

For full flower you will need 6-7 big , 6-5 medium and 4-5 small petals

To make petals looks perfect mirrored draw your petal then fold it in a half length and cut using your draw line from 1 side only.

Cut a 2cm slit at the base of the petal.

Draw big leaves from different shades of green paper and cut

Step 3: Curling Petals

Use pencil to curl tops of the petals to the back

Step 4: Petals

Before gluing the slit try different flaps, the more you make flap the more your petal will stand straight. Using hot glue gun glue on the inside edge and over lap the slit.

Repeat this step with all petals.

Step 5: Making Flower

To make flower base cut the 10-15 cm circle from the cardboard.

Arrange big petals around base overlapping a little bit and glue them to the base

Glue the 2 and 3 row of petals making 1-1.5cm distance between rows.

Step 6: Flower's Center

To make flower's center take the paper and cut it in half vertically then fold in half vertically.

Cut fringes on the folded side

Roll up fringed paper gluing by hot glue gun all the way to secure. Add another strip to make the roll thicker.

Glue to the middle of the flower using hot glue gun

You are done with your flower!

Step 7: Flower Number 2

To make smaller flower you will need 3 different sizes of the petals.

Draw the big petal in size of the wide side of your paper. Arrange 2 different sizes on the 1 sheet of paper.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5

Step 8: Flower's Center

To make fancy center cut the 10-12cm circle

Fold in half

Draw a 3cm circle in the middle

Draw 1cm circles around, add 0.5cm thick lines and cut

Using hot glue gun glue it to the middle of the flower

Cut another small circle and clue in the middle

You are done with another flower!

Step 9: Poppy Like Flower

For the poppy like flower you will need only 1 petal's size.

Make template in size no more then the half of the paper to have 2 petals from 1 paper.

You will need 15 petals

Repeat Steps 4 and 5

To make a center, cut two 10-12cm circles, cut the fringes around, glue together. Glue them to the middle of the flower.

To make another center cut 7cm circle, fold it in half 3 times,

You should have 6 triangles around.

Make a 0.5cm cut on every fold and make every bottom a little bit round, then fold it inside. You will use it to glue you center

cut one of the folds till the middle of the circle, overlap 2 triangles and clue together

Glue this to the middle of the flower.

Now you have one more flower.

Step 10: Flower Number 4

To make this flower repeat steps 2, 4 and 5

To make the center repeat step 8 and the center from step 9

Step 11: Knapweeds Flower

To make Knapweeds flower you will need 12 light blue petals in the same size.

Repeat steps 2, 4 and 5 just make sure you are not overlapping petals and put the second row like the first one to have gaps between petals.

Make the center from step 9 in two different sizes in purple and blue colours. And remove every second fringe from the centers. Glue it to the middle of the flower

Step 12: Daffodil Flower

To make Daffodil you will need 6 wide petals.

Fold each petal in half to make it looks fuller.

Do not cut slits

using hot glue gun glue the petals to the base overlapping each petal.

Cut 5-7cm circle to cover the base and the bottoms of the petals.

Cut 5 cm wide the long strip. Make small cuts, fold it, glue the sides and glue the center to the middle of the flower.

Cut the green circle and glue it inside the center cup

To make stamens fold orange paper, draw a stamen and cut. Glue them inside the cup

Step 13: Flower Number 7

To make this flower repeat step 12

To make the center cut 4-5cm wide long strips

Fold them longwise , cut the fringes not from fold side.

Roll up using pencil.

Using hot glue gun glue fringes starting from the center of the flower , add strips as necessary

Step 14: Simple Chamomile Flower

To make simple chamomile flower you will need 16 same size petals.

Repeat step 12 and make 2 rows

For the center repeat step 9

Step 15: Wall Mounting Option

As I'm renting condo i'm not allowed to make a holes in the walls.

To mount paper flowers I use a masking tape

Cut a smal strip, make a circle and stick it to the base of the flower. The heavier the flower the more strips you will need

Step 16: Arrangements

Now you have lots of flowers in different sizes.

Stick them to the wall and add leaves.

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