Gift Tags From Old Christmas Cards



Introduction: Gift Tags From Old Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are great to get during the season, but there is really not much to do with them afterward you receive them. Instead of letting them sit around gathering dust, why not create a great gift tag for those Christmas presents.

Here I was able to make a great gift tag out of an old and used Christmas card.

Step 1: Cut the Card

I started by cutting the shape of the tag out of the front of the card. I cut a small square first, to the size of the final gift tag size. Then I cut the corners from the top of the card to form the tag shape.

Step 2: Cut Backing

I then decided to add a backing to my gift tag. Cards sometimes have writing on the back side of the card so I decided to add a backing to the card so I would have a space to write on it. Plus it gave the gift tag a little more stability.

To cut the backing I cut it 1/4" larger than the tag itself to create a great border around it when put together.

Step 3: Glue Card to Backing

I then used a glue stick to glue the gift tag to the backing.

I was able to center the tag on the backing so that I would have a great border around the tag.

The final step was to add a hole at the top for some string or so the tag could be wrapped in ribbon.

Step 4: Finished

All I had left now was to use it on a gift and create some extra pizzazz to the next Christmas present I give.


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