Introduction: Girls Shorts Made From Boxers

A while ago I found a pair of boxers at the gap. Now normally, I would buy this pair and where them as pajamas, however this pair was easily 4 sizes too big for me.There was only one pair of this print, and they were under three dollars, so I decided to see what I could do with them.They sat in my scrap fabric bin for a while, until I figured out what to do. This was super simple to do, and took me only an hour.


pair of too big boxers

needle + thread


cotton cord

Step 1: Sewing Up the Slit

This was relatively easy, I simply basted along the slit in short tight stitches until it was all closed.

Step 2: Puncturing the Waist Band

In my pair, the waist band was a thick piece of elastic, sewn on the top and the bottom, with about an inch of empty space in between. This was the perfect channel for a draw string waist. the back had a seam which interrupted the channel, so I made two slits on each side of the seam. Then I made two slits in the elastic on each side of the front slit.

Step 3: Threading the Drawstring

I cut some cotton cord to the length of the waistband, in it's full width. Then I attached a safety pin to each end of the cord. I threaded each of the ends through the slits on each side of the back seam. Using the safety pins, I worked each of these to the holes in the front. Once I pulled them out the slits in the front, I tied off each side with a knot.

Step 4:

Here is a before and after of the shorts. they are pretty wide legged, and high waisted, so they ended up looking a little 50s inspired.

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