Give a Second Life to a Plastic Bottle



Introduction: Give a Second Life to a Plastic Bottle

This project will allow you to transform everyday waste into a nice and useful object!

We have all had this problem: when we want to charge our phone but there is not always furniture nearby to place it on and we have to leaving in the floor where someone could walk on it. This is where our "phone holder" comes in handy.

On this page, I will explain how to create a "phone holder" from an empty plastic bottle.


  • empty plastic bottle, preferably one with an oval base
  • a sticky paper
  • a pair of scissors or a cutter
  • paper or fabric
  • some decorations (optionnal)

Step 1: Cutting the Bottle

Unsurprisingly, the first step is to cut the bottle. It must be cut in two, leaving one part higher so that the phone charger can pass through (as seen on the several figures above).
In this higher part, a hole must then be made such that our charger can easily pass through it.

Step 2: Sticking Tissue or Paper

The second step is to cut out paper (or fabric) to surround the phone holder. Then simply glue the paper to our "phone holder" and cut along his shape. Be careful not to forget to cut the hole through which the charger must pass.

Helpful tip: you can also use an old clothing for this step!

Step 3: Decorate Our Phone Holder

The final step is to add small decorations or draw on our phone holder to make it more attractive. There is no specific rule, just follow your imagination!

Our phone holder is finally ready, enjoy!

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