Introduction: Giving Twist to Trouser Cord

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Hii everyone. in this instructable I am going to tell you about making nice and causal bracelet using cords of trousers, hoodies etc.


1.trouser cord
2.emty pills packet
3.ant beads

Step 1:

Get cord from old trouser and cut it a bit more than double of your wrist

Step 2:

Now fix one end of cord at rigid support and twist it with help of your fingers when it is enough twisted join one end with other .

Step 3:

Now make it sutiable to your wrist and join ends .you can do it using hooks or most of the trouser cords are stretchable so you can just knot it a bit more than your wrist size.

Step 4: Time to Make Some Charms for Bracelet

You can make charm by using pills packet or buttons or you can use both.
You can cut pill packet and just ant beads or any antrainbow thing in that. And then cover it using tape.
Or you can paint some buttons using acrylic color or nail paint.

Step 5:

Now it's time to join charm and bracelet.

Step 6: Now You Are Done

Finally you are done now it's up to you whether you want to keep it for you self or giving it to your friends.
You can use two color string , previous year Christmas decorations or your sister favourite dress cord(your sister must never know about it)
For making this bracelets.

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