Glass Bead Earring, Pendent and Ring

Introduction: Glass Bead Earring, Pendent and Ring

Hello, I wanted to make something cheap, simple, quick, yet elegant, from things easily available at craft store or dollar store. Here is a complete set of earring, pendent with ring.


1) Glass bead

2) sequins or sequins rondel

3) rhinestone stickers - these are beautiful, many glittering plastic beads with sticky back

4) soft jewelry making wire - silver, i brought one with eye loop

5) Quick glue

6) Wire cutter / pliers

Step 1: Collect Items to Make One Unit

Two glass beads, one sequins, one wire, rhinestone stickers and quick glue. We can stick two beads, back and forth to the silver plastic sequins. I did tried using a bead only on one side, but it seems unbalanced.

Step 2: Hook the Sequins in the Wire Eye Loop

Step 3: Stick a Glass Bead on One Side of Sequins

Step 4: Stick Second Glass Bead on Other Side

Step 5: Stick the Rhinestone Stickers on Edge of Bead

Step 6: Stick Rhinestone Stickers on Other Bead Edge

Step 7: Bend the Wire and Cut Excess

As you can see, bend the wire to to form a hook at a distance from beads, this allows you to hook it easily.

Step 8: Add Rhinestone Stickers to the Wire Hook

Use quick glue to add rhinestone stickers to the wire hook

Step 9: Use It As a Pendant in a Chain

Step 10: Make a Ring

I was lucky that the flexible wire was long enough, that I made another hole on the sequins and hooked the other end of the wire to it, then in the similar fashion made ring, by sticking rhinestone stickers to it, I added to rows to look more impressive.

Hope you liked it, if so then don't forget to hit like button.

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