Glitter Globe Keychain

Introduction: Glitter Globe Keychain


This is a Glitter Globe Keychain...Shake it and see the magic. You can put it on your bags, Pouches, Keys etc.
Make it if you like it. Thank You 😄


1) A little container
2) Glycerine
3) Glitter (Color of your choice)
4) stick (To mix)
5) Keychain Ring
6) Double sided tape

Step 1: Fill Water

Take an empty container and fill it up with water.

Step 2: Put Glycerine

Take Glycerine and put 3-4 drops of it in water.

Step 3: Mix...

Mix it well for 1 minute...Till it dissolves properly.

Step 4: Put Glitter

Now take glitters. And put them in water too.

Step 5: Mix and Take a Keychain Ring

Mix it properly and then take a keychain ring (as shown).

Step 6: Attach Keychain Ring

Attach it to the bottle (container).With double sided tape.

Step 7: It's Ready !!!

Your keychain is ready...Shake it to see the Magic ✨✨

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