Introduction: Glitter Nail Polish Removal

glitter nail polish is super cute but a huge pain in the butt to remove.
I've discovered this very simple and effective way to solve that problem!!

Step 1: Supplies!

❤Nail Polish Remover
❤ Cotton Balls/ Rounds
❤ Scissors
❤ Aluminum Foil

Step 2: Preparing for Battle

FIRST I cut ten strips of foil (for each finger go figure ).
** wanna make sure its big enough to securely wrap around your fingers. **
SECOND I cut my cotton rounds (see picture).
the top one is an uncut round,
I ripped 4 in half to get 8
and proceeded to rip a half in 2 to have 1/4ths (for pinkies)

Step 3: Here We Go

soak a cotton bit and place it in the center of a foil strip.
then place your nail directly over the cotton and wrap the foil securely around your finger.
move on to the next and continue pinky to thumb.
**Maybe start with one hand your first time**
leave on for 10ish minutes.

Step 4: All Righty

after ten minutes pass you can slide off the foil.
Depending on the polish it should remove most of it.
Then i go in with a handy dandy q-tip (with remover on it) to get the little spots it missed.
and there ya go. :)
hope you enjoyed!