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Introduction: Glitter Trainers/Sneakers

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There are a lot of 'how to glitter' tutorials out there - thought I'd add mine to the pile.

I've got some Vans that glitter and shimmer in such a beautiful way that I'll be sad to see them worn out, so I'm pre-empting their demise and making some replacements!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

As well as some cheap and cheerful canvas shoes you'll want:

Waterproof PVA,

Brush you can get gluey and glittery,

Acrylic paint of your colour choice - I went with silver,

Paper to sprinkle glitter over,

Paint pen,

Coloured shoe laces,

Craft Knife,

Glitter - I used two pots of the size pictured, always buy more than you think you'll need as you may never find an exact match if you run out!

Step 2: Paint Them Shoes

Glitter has no solid colour to it, so you will be able to see the colour of your shoes originally through the glitter. Hence I painted mine silver first.

It's a fairly rough job and doesn't have to be perfect, but try at least to stay within the lines :)

Step 3: Glue, Glorious Glue!

I used waterproof PVA on these shoes. It means I know my shoes will last through a rain shower, whereas normal PVA is pretty susceptible to moisture.

I was pretty generous in my coating as I really wanted my glitter to stick well. It dries clear.

Step 4: Sprinkle That Glitter!

Evenly coat your entire shoe with glitter. Do this slowly over the top of some pre folded paper or card.

Once you've used the entire pot you can pick up your card, refold it and pour the glitter back into the pot for use again.

Gently pat down the glitter with your fingers to ensure it's properly stuck to the glitter, then tap and shake the shoe onto the card once more to get any loose glitter off.

Step 5: Make It Stay

The trick to not leaving glittery footsteps everywhere you go is more glue!

Before you get to this step though, don some old socks you don't mind getting gluey or glittery - all will be explained.

Cover the entire shoe in another generous but even layer of waterproof PVA. Don't worry - it will dry clear.

Put the shoes on your feet to dry. No crazy movements for an hour, and maybe a toilet trip before you put them on is in order!

This glue shrinks as it dries.

I discovered this the hard way when I shrunk some shoes to a painful extent and now I can't wear them.

Step 6: They're Dry!

The thing about shoes in the shops is they're made with glitter material, rather than being coated post-stitching.

I found these shoes looked a little odd without any form of detailing, so I took my paint pen and added some lines back in.

I just carefully drew over the top of the bumps I could see in the shoe.

Last, but not least, punch out lace holes, that got glued over, with your craft knife.

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    6 years ago

    que bonitooo! arreglaré una zapatillas feas que está desteñidas :D


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Can you spray it with hairspray to make the glitter stick?


    Reply 6 years ago

    Hairspray probably isn't strong enough for this job. I'd recommend a good fabric glue from a craft shop or haberdashery.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    How did you handled the crease which i am able to see in before using pink paint pen, and then it magically goes off in last pics. Did you dabed more glue and glitter ? And lastly does the glitter stay on after using it for a while because i seriously doubt it, it will wear from the folds just above the finger nails where shoes bend and at sides.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't handle the crease at all. I think it's just photographed from a different angle or eased out with the glue settling between the photographs. If you were worried about that you could, I suppose, add more glue and glitter.

    I've not worn these yet. They are flexible trainers so yes, you may get issues with the creasing over time. But I never expected them to be my every day, hard wearing shoes. You could look into other glues that aren't readily available for most people, but even they could, eventually, wear out.

    I spent £3.50 on the shoes (2 pairs for £7) and £2 on the glitter. The glue I already had. When/if they break I can fix them myself, or simply be aware that they cost very little. I suspect the shoes will break before the glue does!

    Gah I love your shoes so much, all of them! These look like an inordinate amount of fun to wear!


    Reply 7 years ago

    aaah it's so exciting to be featured! Thank you. I'm always thinking of new styles to create.