Introduction: Glittery Heel Makover

I had a pair of heels that I hardly wear that I decided to makeover. I've seen this done before with colored acrylic paint for weddings, but I decided to use a neutral glitter instead.

Step 1: What You Need:

  • An old pair of heels.
    • Make sure that you cover every part of the shoe that won't be coated in glitter with some sort of tape; I used scotch tape because that's what I had and it wouldn't damage my shoe, but masking tape would probably work best.
  • Glitter + glue + clear spray paint, OR glitter paint.
  • Sand paper, fine grit and heavy grit.

Step 2: Sand the Bottom of Your Heel, the Part That You Want to Paint.

I used a heavy grit paper first, and then switched to a lighter grit after a minute or two. This is just to give the paint (or glue and glitter) something to stick to, because it will flake off of a smooth plastic surface.

Step 3: Paint.

Because I was using glittery paint, my second step was only to paint. I painted one coat, then let that dry, and repeated the process three times to ensure an even coat.

If you're using glue and glitter, coat the bottom of your shoe VERY WELL with glue. If you're using a liquid glue, a paintbrush will help you get an even coat; alternatively, a glue stick wil work as long as you make sure that there are no glue clumps. Then, coat the glued part with glitter and knock the shoe against the edge of your workspace to knock off excess glitter.

Step 4: Finishing.

Because I used paint, I needed only spray one coat of the clear spraypaint on top of my glitter.

If you're using glue and glitter, you may need two or three coats of spray paint to make sure that the glitter won't fall off. (After spray painting, you may need to go over the shoe with light-grit sand paper again to smooth it all out so that it doesn't feel/look rough.)

Step 5: Remove Your Tape And... Voila! New Shoes.

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