Introduction: Globe Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision Globe, controlled by mobile app and based on Arduino (Atmega1284p)

All the code source and schemas are available in Github

Step 1: Build the Box

A box was built

Step 2: Build the Two Bands PCB

The vertical PCB bands are built. They are the frames where the RGB LEDs and their Shif Registers are soldered

Step 3: Build the Shift Register PCBs

The to drive the RGB LEDs were used STP08CP05 constant current shift registers. They behave like any other chainable shift register, but they can source/sink a pre-defined constant value of courant.

To keep the vertical PCB bands simple, specific adaptation boards were built using the SMD version of the chip, the capacitors and the resistor.

These adaptation boards are then pluggable into the vertical PCB bands

Step 4: Print the 3d Pieces

Step 5: Build the Led Controller PCB

Step 6: Assemble the Box and the Rotating PCBs

Step 7: Finish the Box

Step 8: The Result