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Introduction: Glovebox Essential/Everything Pouch

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This pouch is a lifesaver on the road trip. I organize my essential stuffs into it. It occupies small space in glovebox, but it holds many many things.

It has 1 zipper pouch, 2 pockets and 20 transparent zippy bags. So totally 23!

In the first zipper pouch, I put all the tiny items like pins, paper clips, safety pins stuffs like that.

In the pockets, I keep business cards, paper and pen.

In the transparent zippy bags, I organize first aid kit, tablets, scissor, glue, cellotape, small make up kit, hair elastic, batteries, lotion, hand sanitizer, wet tissues, nail cutter, thread and needle.

It is truely lifesaver pouch during travel. Hope this instructable will help many...

Step 1: Things Needed

1 Pant or Trouser

Scrap fabric

10 to 20 Ziploc sandwich bags ( you can add more if u need)

Zipper - 6 inch


Thread and needle




Step 2: Cut the Fabric

Take pant/trouser , ziploc bag, pen, ruler and scissor.

Place ziploc bag over on the pant, trace and cut backside of pant to fit around the ziploc bag. Make sure to leave 3/4 of an inch for seam allowance.

Cut the fabric to the same size as the pant size.

Step 3: Sew the Zipper Pouch

Take scrap fabric, place zipper on it. Trace the zipper shape and cut the fabric along the traced line.

Place zipper in the hollow rectancle and pin it on both sides.

Now start sewing around the zipper. Zipper has been installed in the fabric.

For making pouch, measure the size of the zipper and cut another piece of fabric into square shape. ( here my zipper length is 5 inch, so i cut the fabric 6 by 6 inch)

Place the square fabric on backside of zipper fabric, pin it and sew around the edges of square.

Zipper pouch is ready!

Step 4: Sew Around the Edges and Flip to Right Side

Place the right sides of fabrics together and start sewing three sides. On fourth side sew and leave 2 inches of gap to flip it to the right side.

Now flip the fabrics to the right side using 2" gap.

Once flipped to the right side, sew the gap.

Step 5: Add Ziploc Bags and Sew Them..

Take bunch of ziploc bags and pin it on bottom ends inorder to avoid sliding while stitching.

Now lay them out on one side of fabric.

Fold the other end of fabric over on the bag and sew straight seam up the ouside of the fabric ( see image for reference)

Step 6: Attach Ribbon

Take ribbon of about 20" - 24" and sew it on middle of the pouch.

Step 7: Fill Your Stuffs

Place tiny items in the zipper pouch.

Organize tablets, q-tips, match box, sciccor, thread, needle, cello tape in the transparent ziploc bags and tie up the pouch.

Keep this essential pouch in car glove-box for happy journey :)

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