Glover Stitch Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern & Video Tutorials

Introduction: Glover Stitch Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern & Video Tutorials

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This Free Crochet pattern teaches how to make a scarf using the glover stitch. I used two methods of coloring that I want to share with you along with teaching you how to do this quick and fun stitch!

This pattern comes with helpful pictures and video tutorials for both the right and left handed.

There is also a pattern for a hat using this stitch





Find all my video tutorials HERE

Find all my written patterns with pictures HERE

Happy Crocheting!

Meladora's Creations

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    5 years ago


    please help as i am very confused! on your written special instructions for the glover stitch, you do NOT mention to go under FLO or BLO for the 1st part of the st, but in the videos you say FLO or BLO.

    ALSO on the 3 written/vids for the blanket, hat, and scarf, again, the special stitch instructions do NOT specify the 1st part of the st as FLO/BLO, but says so in the vids and later in the row instructions. And in the hat its BLO but the other 2 is FLO (back loop only/front loop only).

    so my question is, did you just miss adding FLO or BLO in the stitch description or is it done according to what is being made?? and if there is no specification of which loop, (in the stitch desription) is there a time to use both loops for both parts of the stitch?? i have googled the grove stitch, and pretty amazed that yours is the only how to on this stitch!! :) so i did try finding out the answer on my own, but cant. thanks so much!! i am one of your biggest fans as you helped to teach me to crochet! :) tia