Introduction: Glow in the Dark Fishing Pole

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Make a pole glow without the hassle!

Step 1: So Let's Get Started

I just one day got tired of fishing at night with all of the extra gear - A lamp, candle, black light, or just a flashlight. And the bells and glow sticks for rod tips never really worked for me either... so I got creative!

All you need for this is:
1.) A pole (white base color)
2.) Rustoleum glow in the dark paint
3.) Cost around $25-$30

Step 2: Not Much Else to Do

You may ask yourself why paint it yourself? simply put this combination runs for about $40 to $50. A nice pole that does the same thing can be $80+, some even up to $300! A cheap big game pole and a 10 dollar can of spray paint does the exact same job! (I only paid around $29

But for the pole just apply one layer of the spray paint evenly on the portion of the pole you want to glow. More layers means more luminous effect.

The famous question:
a.) I bought a standard big game pole for Wal-mart for $17.99
b.) There are several types of glow in the dark paint - some green, some blue, etc... green in my opinion is better because it is cheaper and easier to come by.
c.) Rustoleum is a nice choice for this project, holds up quite well on the pole. I have used Krylon spray paints before to do something similar and it didn't hold up well. The pole gets abused and krylon just didn't hold up or glow. (Rustoleum I found at Lowes)
d.) take a nice bright led flashlight with you when you go fishing to "recharge" the pole. The glow is visible for up to an hour and a half with a charge (that is with four coats of paint)
e.) No these pictures are not mine. I'm too lazy and they would look the same anyway xD

please ask questions, this has changed my life. Cat-fishing has never been more easy

Happy Fishing!