Glow in the Dark Halloween Decorations




Introduction: Glow in the Dark Halloween Decorations

Rather than making normal boring Halloween decorations, why not create glow in the dark decorations? Here are some instructions on how to create cheap glow in the dark decorations for Halloween.

You can stick them on your house, walls, garage or even the floor outside your house.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following items:

  • Craft Knife
  • Glow in the Dark Tape
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Stencils (we have provided a few that you can download further down the page)

Step 2: Using Stencils or Freehand Drawings

There are lots of places online that you can get stencils for for free - simply visit a search engine and type in "Halloween Stencils". However there are a few above.

Once you have your stencils ready or are ready to draw your own design.

For small decorations:

  1. Cut a strip of Glow in the Dark Tape
  2. Turn it upside down
  3. Draw or trace your design on the back

For larger decorations:

  1. Cut a few strips of Glow in the Dark Tape (the same size)
  2. Line them up upside down on a piece of paper or table
  3. Use conventional tape to ensure they stay aligned and don't slide around
  4. Draw or trace your design on the back

Step 3: Cut Out Your Decorations

Now you are going to use the sharp craft knife. ****Don't Let Your Kids Do This Part****

The tape should still be upside down with the pattern drawn on the back. Keep the tape upside down, secure it the best you can (possibly with conventional tape) then slowly use the craft knife to cut out your shapes.

Once this is done you can un-stick the decorations, turn them around and you will have your Glow in the Dark decoration.

If you cut out lots of these and stick them on your walls outside your house you will have a spooky house that your neighbours will be jealous of.

Step 4: Extras

If you use Non Slip Glow in The Dark Tape you can also have a safe decorative path leading up to your house. Or simply include strips to steps so the little witches, zombies and Frankenstein monsters don't slip...

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    6 years ago

    Love your idea. Going to use them on tombstones.