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Introduction: Glow in the Dark Star Charm Bracelet

About: I am a third-year Architecture major at the University of Texas at Austin. I enjoy creating and experimenting.

I had some old glow in the dark stars laying around my house, and I had a party to go to later, but nothing to go with what I was wearing. So, I made a super cute, really easy charm bracelet that glows in the dark! It looks great in the light or in the dark, and its really fun to wear.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need: 2 pliers A needle (I used a tool that I made out of an old sewing needle and a paint brush handle) One package of glow in the dark stars (roughly 52 stars) Jump rings Lobster clasp Small chain (make sure this is really sturdy chain, otherwise it could break easily) Large chain

Step 2: Prepping the Stars

Heat your needle over the stove or just leave it cool (leaving it cool makes it a little harder to punch the hole and you run the risk of breaking off the tip of your stars). Gently push the needle through the top of your star. Insert a jump ring, make sure you leave the jump ring open (it will make attaching them later go much quicker). Once you've prepped all your stars, put them to the side.

Step 3: Make the Base

Take your small chain and measure it to the appropriate length (however big or small your wrist is). Cut about 1 inch of the large chain and attach the two chains using a jump ring. Attach your clasp at the other end of the small chain. You now have your base!

Step 4: Adding the Stars

Starting from whatever side you choose, attach the stars. Make sure the stars are on the same side of the chain, otherwise they can poke you. Keep adding stars, one star per chain link, until you run out of stars or run out of chain. You'll want about an inch of chain between the last star and the clasp. You're done! 'Charge' it outside in the sun or with a black light. Turn out the lights and you're ready to go! It looks really cute in the dark and at night.

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