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Introduction: Glow in the Dark Cloth Ghost

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Saw this pop up on the youtube channel Threadbanger and on a couple of pinterest boards, the Cloth ghost.

Originally done as a series of sculptures by an artist called Manfred Kielnhofer "Guardians of time".

The thing is, that rather than posting pins of their own attempts they are using images of Kielnhofers work.

The Irony is, it is super easy to achieve a similar effect with out using fabric stiffener sprays etc and I am going to show you how to do it with the additional bonus of it being glow in the dark!

Lets go.

Step 1: What You'll Need

All the items listed below will vary depending on the size of your doll


Pva glue

Glow in the dark paint or powder

A piece of white cotton or other natural material big enough to cover the doll with plenty of excess

Cling film


A toy doll

A tub to mix your glue/glow in the dark paint in


If your doll is not free standing you may want to have something to prop it up with, in this case a short pringles tube

If your doll has short arms you may want to extend them with toilet rolls.



Step 2: Prep Your Doll

If your doll is not free standing prop it up with a jar, box or in this case a pringles tube

As mentioned if your doll has short arms you can cut the toilet roll tubes and tape them in place to extend the length of the arms.

If your doll has hair (or in this case covered in spraypaint) you will want to cover it in cling film as well as putting some on the worksurface

Step 3: Mix Up Your Glue

Quite simply mix your glue and glow in the dark paint together in a mixture of 5 parts glue to one part glow in the dark paint

Cover your cloth in the mixture making sure that its is completely covered/soaked through

Step 4: Drape It and Dry It

Drape your cloth over the doll, sculpting it over the limbs. The glue will help it hold the creases.

The important thing here is to make sure your material forms a good base for your ghost.

Leave it to dry (or speed up the process with a hair dryer)

Once dry, carefully remove the doll from inside (the cloth will still be bendy)

Step 5: Finished

and there you are!

Super simple the longest part being the drying time.

I used a small doll with this one but i would imagine similar results could be achieved with larger dolls as long as you have plenty of glue (i dont think this technique would work with a full scale mannequin but would love to try it and find out)

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and as always thoughts/comments/criticisms and even pictures of your own Cloth ghosts are welcome in the comments below :)

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Barry Neeson
Barry Neeson

1 year ago

Revisited this project and got some pictures with a better camera. No filters or adjustmenbts to the photos


5 years ago

How hard is the final product? Paper Mache like? Or softer?

Barry Neeson
Barry Neeson

Reply 5 years ago

Its pretty robust. i would say harder than paper mache but not as ridged


5 years ago

This is a really cool idea i will have to try it.

Barry Neeson
Barry Neeson

Reply 5 years ago

Thank you :)