Glowing Easter Lamp

Introduction: Glowing Easter Lamp

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Hi Everybody,

Easter is Coming and everybody wants to Make a Easter egg.

So How about saving that egg for breakfast and make a painted paper egg lamp?? :P

Step 1: Things Needed

1. 9v Battery

2. 5050 (3) Warm leds

3. Sheet cut into egg shape

4. Double side tape

Step 2: Paint the Sheet and Stick It! :D

Paint the sheet in colour and design of your choice.
Bright colours suit well... Acrylic Colours don't have "much" transparency to allow light pass through them. After Colours have dryed. First stick the Battery to Wall then stick lights then the sheet on it. Switch on the Light and your room will be filled with bright colours.

Step 3: Make More! :D

More in Less than $1...

You can add two 3w leds to make it brighter.

More Easter Instructables will be published later.....

Step 4:

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