Introduction: Glowing Old USB Flash Drive

so after going through many instructables, i finally decided to make one.i was having an old usb flash drive without any cover and three old halogen bulbs so i decided to test on it.

on first i was trying to put the pcb inside bulb by cutting the bulb because separately it was a bit longer but pcb was wider so the bulb broke out.then i tried separately...have a look

what you will need


  • an old halogen bulb from car headlight
  • old usb flash drive
  • blue led
  • 220 ohm resistor
  • soldering iron & wire
  • super glue
  • glue gun
  • perfume bottle neck and cover(according to usb)

Step 1: MAKING

  • first of all take out the glass bulb from its holder without breaking it as u can see i have broke one too ;-)
  • take out glass holder which i have mentioned in can use it for other project too and its size is perfect for usb male port as u can my case its 2 points are fitted accurately at the usb connector to pcb soldering points so i soldered the metal with the pcb.
  • sold the 220 ohm resistor on led+ leg and sold the other end of the resistor to 5v pin of usb connector and led- with gnd (see usb connector picture for pin outs)
  • take out perfume bottle neck (see picture for reference) and make its hole wider so the flash drive`s pcb can go through this way the neck will get connected to the glass holder metal.
  • as you know the bottle neck provides a top cover support also so cut the cover by required length
  • connect one side of the cover with glass holder metal and on the other side put the halogen bulb
  • finally wrap all with sticker and there you go....usb ready

Step 2:


  • i broke 2 bulbs in this preparation.
  • so in case if you broke one too just put the bulb in opposite will also look cool..
  • sorry for my bad english