Introduction: Glowing Flowers

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Flowers are one of the best gifting option if it remains fresh forever. This instructables is about a simple flowers from craft paper.To bring glow into in I have use dual color led .

Step 1: Requirements

You will need the following stuff
- white craft paper
-colourful leds
Follow the images step by step which would give better understanding.

Step 2: Making Flower

Take a square piece of paper and diagonally fold it making crease as shown in figure.

Step 3: Flower Bud

Following the images step by step will results into a flower bud.

Step 4: Blow Bud Like a Balloon

From the bottom hole blow it like a balloon it would form a bud .from the top pull the four pellets out it would look like a flower.

Step 5: Glowing It

make a paper stem by rolling it an put coloured led at the top .Pull out wires from the bottom.

Step 6: Finishings

From the bottom or flowers insert the led stem .

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