Glue Dorm Décor

Introduction: Glue Dorm Décor

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These décors are easy to make and you can paste them on mirrors or inside your locker. Just anywhere you want to décor.

You will need white glue which dries transparent.

Ink or liquid food colors

Tooth picks

Piece of polythene

Step 1: Draw and Fill Glue: Failed Attempt

If you can’t draw freehand using glue. You can draw the shapes you want to make on a paper before you begin.

Place the paper below the polythene.

Using toothpick fill glue in to the shapes, more is good. It will help not to tear when you remove the shapes from the polythene. And then using a toothpick again place drops of ink on the glue. And using the toothpick mix the glue and the ink together.

In My first attempt I tried to mix to colors together to create a design, you can see I failed.

Step 2: Fill, Colour, Dust and Let Dry

All the other shapes I used only one colour.

For some of the shapes I sprinkled some glitter dust on them. And the rest were plain colors.

Now leave it to dry, around 10 hours.

Step 3: Remove and Paste

When it is dried you can strip it off the polythene from the edges. And paste them anywhere you want.

This is a great way to decorate your dorm room; you can remove them when you are tired of it.

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