Golf Chipping Corn Hole




Introduction: Golf Chipping Corn Hole

Tossing bean bags is fun I guess. Practicing your chipping shots just seems classier.

I was inspired by this build:

But decided to make some improvements, like replacing the pocket hole joinery with lap joints and dados; and adding LEDs. I made two; a Michigan State themed and a University of Michigan themed, as gifts for my brother-in-laws. The part list is for one.




  • Circle cutter
  • Table saw
  • Dado stack
  • Wood glue
  • Spray adhesive
  • Primer, Paint, Stain
  • Painters tape
  • Clamps: corner, and 65"
  • Pencil
  • Carpenter's square
  • Caliper
  • Glue gun
  • Staple gun

Step 1: Cut Frame and Legs to Length, and Lap Joints


  • (2) 40"
  • (2) 23 1/4"


  • (2) 13 1/2" lengths
  • (1) 22"

The version from Reddit used pocket hole joinery. I adjusted the dimensions and used the table saw and dado stack to cut lap joints.

Step 2: Cut DADOs and Plywood to Size

Use the caliper to measure the thickness of the plywood (don't assume, they are not all the same thickness). Adjust the dado stack to match. I did some test cuts to double check the dado fit.

Depending on the depth of your cut dado, you'll need to adjust your plywood dimensions to be cut accordingly.

The interior of mine (distance between the frame) came out to 38 1/2" x 22 1/2", plus the depth of the dados.

Step 3: Glue Up

I used a "glue bot" to help. Working sections I applied the wood glue to three pieces clamping the frame into place.

Once dried, I applied glue into the dado and slid the plywood into place. I bought some longer clamps just for this project. More glue, to the remaining lap joint and enclosed the fourth side of the frame.

Step 4: Cut Out Circles

In the plywood you need to cut 3 circles. One 9" circle, and two 6" circles. I used a Dremel circle cutter, and a multi-purpose bit.

The 9" circle should have its center point 16 1/2" from the bottom edge of the board, but otherwise centered horizontally.

The two 6" circles should have their center point 10" from the top edge of the board, and 6" from each side edge.

Keep the leftover 9" circle, we can use that as an optional chipping surface.

Step 5: Stain or Prime and Paint

I stained the bottom of one, didn't need to. I had extra blue stain and thought, make it look nice "real nice" (imagine that spoken by Uncle Eddie from National Lampoon's Christmas vacation). The other I painted the bottom. No need to paint the top, that's where the turf is going.

Otherwise I primed and painted the frame and legs, as well as the scrap 9" hole.

And apply a few coats of clear coat or other protective finish.

Step 6: Install Legs

It took some experimenting, but I installed the hinge about a half inch from the frame. Predrilling is a plus (but watch your depth). You want the board propped open at an angle for play.

Step 7: Cut Turf (fake Grass)

Double check the measurements between the frame. Cut the artificial turf to match. Cut out the three holes as well. Save the 9" circle for use later.

Step 8: Install Netting

I used an electric staple gun to attach the mosquito net from the top of the board, leaving enough slack for the balls to collect under the board.

Step 9: Install Turf

I followed the directions for the spray adhesive, to adhere the artificial turf to the top of the board. I did half at a time, I felt it made lining it up easier.

I also adhered the scrap circle turf to the 9" circle plywood scrap.

Step 10: Install LEDs

I used hot glue to install the LEDs around the bottom perimeter of the board, and around the holes. And to hold the battery pack to the back of the board.

Step 11: Done - Testing Out

You have to make sure they work, so test them out before giving them as gifts. (I may make myself one next).

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    17 days ago

    I know an office that may need one of these. Great idea! :D