Introduction: Gondola Tealight Holder


This Instructable will show you how to make this tealight holding gondola.

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Step 1: Materials:

For the materials you will need:

  • Wood
  • Cardboard or paper
  • Two tealights

Step 2: Tools

For the tools, you will need:

  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • an eraser
  • a pair of compasses
  • a ruler
  • a jig saw
  • a drill with some accessories
  • a file
  • sandpaper
  • tape

Step 3: Draw Your Desired Shape

First, mark the width of you wood. Draw circles at the places where you want to have your tealights. Then, design and draw the front and the rear of the boat. Then cut it out and tape the cardboard/ paper on the wood.

You can see that I drew three circles, I only made two holes, because otherwise it would be too narrow.

Step 4: Saw

Using a jig saw, saw the gondola out of the wood.

Step 5: Tape

Put the five pieces together and tape it together. Then, turn the wood and draw the desired shape of the side on the wood. Make sure the gondola is heigh enough to put the tealights in.

Step 6: Saw Again

Then saw that shape out of the wood. File and sandpaper your gondola.

Step 7: Drill

Now, make the holes for the tealights. First is used a big drill piece and then I used the drill piece as shown on the second image.

Step 8: Finish

Put the tealights in the gondola and then light the candles.

Please vote for me in the 'Wax Challenge".

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