Introduction: Gonzalo Montemayor Salsa

Hello my name is Gonzalo Montemayor and today I will go through with you on how to do this chipotle cream sauce which you can use in many different types of food, for example, some chips or it can a company many other things the limit is your imagination.

Step 1: Step One: Materials

1. 1 fresh red tomato

2. 1 half of an onion

3. 1 bottle of cream

4. 1 bottle with chipotle inside

4. salt

5. cilantro

6. a blender

7. some water and a place to cook.

Step 2: Cook Up

You are going to cut the tomato into 4 pieces, add a cm long cut of onion and 2 branches of the cilantro to the cooking pot add a couple grain of salt depending on how much you like it.

After that put a little bit of water so your ingredients won't stick and turn on the stove at a very low hot level and leave it for 15 minutes there to cook.

Step 3: Blending

After cooking all the ingredients you will take the peal out of the tomatoes and put them in the blender.

Make sure to set the blender at slow cutting speed.

add all of your cooked up ingredients and add 1/4 of a bottle of cream and add a pinky tip size ball of chipotle to the blender.

Blend all the ingredients for about a minute.

Step 4: You Have Your Chipotle Cream Salsa

Once you have finished with the blending pour it into your bowl and done!

You have a perfect side to any type of food of your choice.

Step 5: Video

1 min video of the process.