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This is the guaranteed to work solution for the issue in which both Google play store and YouTube show no connection errors even though you have a fine internet.connection.
Sid Jr.

Step 1: Download ROOT Explorer Apk - Safe Link

1: First go to internet explorer and download ROOT EXPLORER APK.
[Can be downloaded @: "" - no viruses!

Step 2: Go to Beginning Folder

2: Once downloaded, click open and go as far back in the folders as you can.

Step 3: Open "ect"

3: Once all the way back, scroll down to the folder "etc" and open it.

Step 4: RW to RO

4: Up at top where it says "mount r/w" click on it until it says "mount r/o".

Step 5: Scroll and Click on "hosts"

5: Next scroll down until you see "hosts" folder and click on it.

Step 6: Open Text Editer

6: Once in "hosts" folder, click on "text editer".

Step 7: Check Ip Page

7: Make sure you are on a text file that has two ip addresses. One in first line is "" and the other one the for the second line is "".

Step 8: The FIX!

8: For the fix you must edit this second ip address located on the second line. The edit is easy, all you have to do is simply put a "#" or pound sign in front of the ip address.

[Will look like this:

Instead of:


Step 9: Save and It Works!

9: Now save the edited file and both "youtube", and "Google play services" will be fixed.

Step 10: Credits Go To:

Thank You and Your Welcome!!!

Written by: Zimmer from the 360
Credits go to:
Sid Jr.
- Sids YouTube video can be found at this link:

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