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When I saw the Stick It! Contest I was trying to think of something simple, easy and creative with the adhesive used, something that wasn't just 2 sticks of wood glued together or a strip of tape here and there.

Turns out I had a bunch of Sugru [the awesome mouldable glue!] that needed using up and some spare magnets to throw into the mix and thought "Hey, how about a project made entirely of glue?"

"Perfect!" I thought, but now another question follows. "What do I make with just 2 materials?" The answer, though not immediately apparent, became obvious: Googly Eyes.

They're dead simple, dead easy to make, incredibly durable tons of fun to mess around with and can stick to many objects, both metallic and nonmetallic. [with extra magnets]

Let's do this.

Step 1: Materials & Suppl'eyes

All you need is:

  • Black & White Sugru (or any colour!)
  • Flat smooth surface
  • Masking tape or baking parchment
  • Small round tubes or cookie cutters (I'm using a glue lid & a salt container)
  • Small neodymium magnets
  • Superglue

Step 2: Some Eye'deas

Here's some googly eyes I whipped up in Inkscape for reference. Feel free to print and use these designs or use your own! [sizes provided are A4 & US Letter; print at 100% scale!]

Step 3: Eye See What You Did There

The set up for this is really simple. Tape up your surface so the Sugru won't stick to it; baking parchment works as well, then glue the neodymium magnet to the surface with a dab of superglue to keep it in place.

Mix up 1 packet of white Sugru per eye, (or your colour of choosing) mix it up with your hands and push into the centre of the magnet. 1 packet of Sugru covers a circle measuring 40mm in diameter and 3mm thick. Using your wider tube, (the salt container in my case) press & twist into the Sugru and remove the excess, leaving a perfect circle. If you need to smoothen the surface, you can use a dab of water and gently rub the surface.

Let the Sugru cure for at least 24 hours before moving onto the next step.

[note: if your magnet sticks out a little like mine don't worry, the pupil will hide it completely.]

Step 4: This Is How Eye Roll

Open up 1 pack of black Sugru and mix it up, just like with the white Sugru. When mixed, split it into 2 lumps, one for each eye.

Push the Sugru into wherever you want your pupil to form and push your thumb around it to spread it out into an even circle & thickness.

Using the smaller tube (a small Pritt Stick cap in my case) push into the black sugru & twist & remove the excess. Again, let this cure for 24 hours before touching it again.

If you have excess Sugru on the edges like I do, you can use a drop of water and a plastic tool (anything with a square edge) and gently rub it off.

The excess that comes off when you press your tube in can be used to patch the back of the googly eyes; this prevents the magnet from scratching metallic surfaces.

Also demonstrated is by including an extra magnet, you can lock objects and materials in-between the magnet and googly eye seen here with my uni lanyard, allowing for many more applications!

Step 5: A Sight for Sore Eyes

There we go, one pair of magnetic googly eyes, just like that!

If you have a multipack of coloured Sugru, you can go bananas and make all kinds of creations. (you can mix Sugru too for even more colour combinations!)

These are great for sticking onto tons of things. They automatically stick to ferrous materials like refrigerators, computer cases, radiators, basically anything metallic! (just be careful around electronic items)

You can also stick them to non-ferrous materials like fabric and plastics by popping another neodymium magnet behind the object and letting the eye connect with it!

I'd love to see what you guys come up with this idea; I only had 2 colours for this project so I'd love to see some multi coloured ideas :)

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