Gorilla Tape Wallet With Card Slots

Introduction: Gorilla Tape Wallet With Card Slots

This wallet is tough and should last you a long time. You can also use the same exact method and steps if you are using normal duct tape. If you use duct tape it will be thinner and a little slicker. I've tried to make the tutorial as detailed and clear as possible but if you have any questions or didn't understand something just go ahead and message me and ill be happy to help. So let get started

Step 1: What You'll Need

sorry for the quality of the picture

1. Gorilla tape or duct tape

2. Scissors

3. Credit/Gift card (for sizing reference)

4. A dollar bill (also for sizing)

Step 2: 1.Start

A. Cut two pieces a little longer than the desired length of your wallet and stick them together as shown with the sticky side up.

Step 3: 2. Pouch Interior

A. Cut one piece longer than double the desired length of the internal pouch then make loop sticky side out to where when it is flattened it will be the length of the pouch.

B. Cut another piece the same length as step one and place it like shown in the second picture.

C. Wrap the tape all the way around to make the loop wider and connect it to itself like the first.

Step 4: 3. Place Pouch

A. Place the pouch interior to the other two pieces cut in step 1 making sure it is a little below the top allowing for some tape to be folded in.

Step 5: 4. Cleaning Up the Top

A. Make a small cut on the extra tape at the top on each side in line with the side.

B. Fold the top piece down to the inside of the pouch to create a clean edge like shown in pictures 1 and 2

Step 6: 5. Bottom of Pouch

A. Cut one piece at the length of the inside of to pouch made earlier like shown in picture 1

B. Place the piece on the in inside on the bottom with half left out like shown in picture 2

C. (This might be a little tricky) fold the piece back to the inside avoiding contact with the other side until in final place. Shown in picture 3

D. Once in place press on the other side to seal and create the bottom of pouch.

Step 7: 6. Edges

A. Fold the outside edges around the side. Shown in pic 1&2

B. Make a small cut where the top tab folds inward. Shown in pic 3

C. Fold the tabs downward and onto itself on the inside to create a clean edge. Shown in pic 4

Step 8: 7. Inside Upper Edge

A. Cut one piece at the length of the inside of the money pouch and place on the inside of the pouch like shown in pic 1

B. Fold the other half of the same piece over to create a clean edge as shown in pic 2

Step 9: 8. Card Slots

A. Cut a piece more than double the length of a credit card.

B. Wrap the card with the sticky side out and make a loop tight around the card.

C. Cut a piece the length of the card and place sticky side out at the bottom of the loop as shown in pic 1

D. Fold the bottom piece over to the outside on the other side of the card to create the bottom of the slot. Shown in pic 2&3

E. Place where desired on the inside of the wallet. (i chose the right side)

F. Cut a long piece a little longer than the overall length and place over the card slot as shown in pic 4

G. Press piece and cut to length. Shown in pic 5

H. Repeat steps A-D to create other slot and place where desired. Shown in pic 6

Step 10: 9. Cleaning Up the Bottom

A. Cut one piece longer than the length of the wallet and place on the outside with room to fold over. Shown in pic 1

B. Cut the corners out of the piece like shown in pic 2

C. Fold the side pieces in. Shown in pic 3

D. Fold the bottom tab in and up

Step 11: 10. Covering Up the Card Slot

A. Cut a piece slightly longer than the card slot and place like shown in pic 1 and cut it to length

Step 12: 11. Cleaning Up

A. Cut one piece of tape at the length of the inside of the card slots then rip down the middle of the tape lengthwise to create two pieces the same length as the card slot. Shown in pic 1

B. Place on inside of the card slot with room to fold over. Shown in pic 2

C. Fold over to create a clean edge. Shown in pic 3

D. Repeat B&C for all card slots made. Shown in pic 4&5

Step 13: 12. Fold N Finish

Just fold the wallet in half and you're finished!

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    2 years ago

    Good work on this wallet!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hey thanks! I’ve got more designs too if you think I should upload them Including checkered and logos on the front