Introduction: Gotta Catch 'Em All! How? With This PokeBall!

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Has this ever happened to you? (Click on this link to a pic...)

Well, thanks to the small, static, uninflatable, red-black-white Pokeball, you'll never never not have a Lego Pokeball(less) time again.

What did he just say?

That's right!

(Props to those who understood the reference. :P If you didn't, and for whatever reason you want to know about it, try searching Google/YouTube for "Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball")

Anyways, Higa shenanigans aside, I'm going to teach an ordinary, not so special fellow, like you, how to become special... by building a Lego Pokeball!

Yes, yes, I know. Most impressive indeed.

Onto what you came here for!

Here's what you'll need for this tutorial:

- As always, once you see my final design, you'll probably be able to re-create the same thing with different pieces, but, for the purpose of this tutorial, I shall be listing what I used.

- Baseplate, 8x8, Color Doesn't Matter though I used blue-tinted transparent, (1)

- Brick (Not Micro/Flat, the average size), 1x4, Red, (1)

- Brick (Not Micro/Flat, the average size), 1x4, Black, (1)

- Brick (Not Micro/Flat, the average size), 1x1, White, (2)

- Brick (Not Micro/Flat, the average size), 1x1, Red, (2)

- Brick (Not Micro/Flat, the average size), 2x3, White, (1)

- Flat, Circular Stud Piece, Brown/Gray/Black, (1)

Now that you have your pieces ready, onto the main course! The construction process.

This is the hardest part, good luck. Hope you come back at least somewhat alive...

(And that's why this set is rated for 2yr olds and up. It's that hard.)

(By the way, I recommend to do this project in the "show all steps mode". Trust me, it will make a project like this easier and quicker)


Disclaimer: This set isn't really rated for 2yr olds and up. I made that up. By building this set, you agree that if you or any one you know dies or if is injured by, or in the making of this instructable, you're/they're at fault-- not me.


But really, who dies while building a Lego set?

Step 1: Brother's Watching TV. Mom's Hogging Up the Kitchen. Dad's on His Computer. Where to Build?

The above is a depiction of the wondrous place I chose as my building location.

An amazing, state-of-the-art LEGO drawer!

There's step 1 for you. Onto step two!

Step 2: Foundation...

This is where that 8x8 baseplate comes in handy. Just put it down somewhere.

Step 3: I'm Fresh Out of Jokes. Don't Expect Much More Here on Out.

From the bottom left corner of the baseplate, count 4 studs up. Then count 3 to the right. Put your finger on where you end up. That's where the 1x4 black brick goes. Refer to picture above.

Step 4: PSYCH! What Do You Call a Bee Having a Bad Hair Day? a "Fris"Bee! Funny, Amiright?

Just place the 1x1 black piece to the right of the 1x4.

Step 5: Drive Car to Nearest RadioShack. Buy Me One of Each Product There. (Not Really)

On what's a now a 1x5 brick, count two studs in, left to right, then one down. That where you place your 2x3 white brick.

Step 6: Have You Noticed How I End Most of My Titles With a Question Mark?

Now take your two 1x1 white brick, and place them to the upper left/right of the 2x3 brick.

Step 7: You Guys Can Figure This Out Without My Step-by-Step Text, Can't You?

Step 8: If You're Still Reading These, Props to You.

Place the red 1x1 to the right of the red 1x4.

Step 9: Error 310. Cannot Retrieve Data From Server. Sorry for the Inconvenience.

On what's now your red 1x5, count studs in, left to right. Then one up. That where your red 1x2 goes.

Step 10: Don't Type Out a Title. Oh Wait.

To the left of the red 1x2, place your red 1x1.

Step 11: Almost... Finished.

Count 3 studs in on your black 1x5. Place your Circular Stud Piece there.

Step 12: Completed!


You can now go and catch some Pokemon!

And you saved 200 Pokedollars!

Shameless Self-Advertisement Time:

Make sure to vote for me in the Lego Contest! It took a long time to put this thing all together.


- Hades

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